وظائف - ماغ لاب

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Bachelor’s Degree in architecture, Damascus university graduate and current trainee at MAG LAB .

Interested in Sustainability  and Green Architecture.


Name: Areej Sharaf Alden

Architect, has graduated from University of kalamoon, Architectural faculty, I am trying to achieve my architectural character and interested in visualisation techniques and researches.


Name: Wissam Ajaj

I am a fifth year architecture student at Damascus University, graduated from Technical institute of engineering in Damascus -2012 , I am trying to achieve my architectural character.

Name: Haya Nabulsi

I am architect graduated from Damascus University, I am interested in digital media and parametric fabrication along with parametric design.


Name: Iman Muhamad

Interior design; I have graduated from damascus university , Syria.
Have taught in different universities for more than 7 years.

Interested in Algorithmic design and post production techniques. 

Name: Abd Almounem Daaboul

I am fourth year Interior Design student  at International University for Science and Technology Interested in mixing architecture and decoration with calligraphy and graphic