MAG LAB was founded in 2008 by Lab manager Aref Maksoud in collaborating with young architects, engineer, artist and biologists with strength on advanced computational design knowledge, techniques and experiences. MAG LAB is a design platform to explore emergent architectural system by the innovative digital technology and applications to respond social dynamics and environmental forces.

MAG LAB focuses on optimizing complex geometry with parametric design tools in conjunction with economic efficiency, structural performance, environmental impact, and programmatic progress.

MAG LAB aims to create adaptable spatial organization by integrating architecture, landscape, infrastructure and urban planning, of which the formal consequences are generated through a variety of information in order to accommodate more possibilities of future.

Besides the architectural practice MAG LAB has consistently been involved in the academic field, teaching at various occasions.

MAG LABMaterials - Advanced Architecture – Generative Laboratory” operates a non-corporate architectural practice, engaged in teaching, pedagogic initiatives, exhibitions, publications, as well as the formulation of original, challenging contemporary building projects. Importantly, it is our task as architects to provide the spatial imagination necessary for constructing a new sensibility, as well as for designing innovative and viable buildings.

MAG LAB operates a critical design approach which recognizes the inherent complexity in building and construction and which harnesses this complexity to produce projects that are robust and adaptable. It is a practice where design and tactical decisions operate in relationship to the numerous constraints and unforeseen developments of any project, whether large or small. The ability to not only accepts change and alteration, but to use these critical events in a productive and reinvigorating manner is central to any progressive architectural practice.

MAG LAB continues a partnership of collaborative association with a number of other practices; structural engineers, environmental engineers, media and graphic consultants, as well as artists.