"Do Your Project 2015 " parametric design and digital Fabrication Workshop.



"Do Your Project" 
parametric design and digital Fabrication Workshop.

MAG LAB, Syria – Spain – Italy (Materials- Advanced Architecture – Generative Laboratory) as a part of Maksoud Architectural Group,

Authorized training center of McNeel in Middle East through its affiliate offices, was pleased to announce the official parametric design and digital Fabrication Workshop “Do Your Project 2015

In the intensive days “4 days” full time Workshop we focused exclusively on introducing Morphogenesis, evolving architecture, Form finding and optimizing complex geometry with parametric design tools in conjunction with economic efficiency, structural performance, environmental impact.

Workshop participants experiment with computer design techniques, strategies, understanding of all stages from design to manufacturing. During the processes of the workshop small Objects in scale 1: 1 fabricated from laser, 3dprinters were shown to participants’ inorder to strengthen their abilities and made the process more clear through a creative way.

At the workshop participants investigated spatial features of voronoi cell configurations, optimizing their resulting complex geometries' gradient cross-sections.

Challenged by the time of the workshop (4 intensive days) and the complexity of geometrical dependencies occurring in cellular structures for the final real scale installation, real-life issues like project budget and team work and the advantage of using advanced parametric design strategies are tackled.

Participants worked with parametric tools such as 3dsmax and Topmode to generate the 3d model and then the resulting polygonal cell geometry is then converted into a real by unfolding each cell and then to cut it from the selected material (Cartoon) and fold the cells and assemble them again in real scale.

The team has successfully applied the Cellular Morphology skin, consisting of  around 600 unique cells to the existing celling in MAGLAB studio.

The LAB’s Celling retrofitted with a new skin consists of multiple voronoi components controlled through an algorithm that alters its density and attraction.

One tessellated functional zone was used as attractor and the cells started to open and close playing with the porosity of the whole skin.

Different local angular variations help redistribute the celling artificial light across the envelope and change visibility in the interior space.


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