"Pin Your Project Workshop 2015" Art in Architecture–Materials&fabrication



MAG LAB; Spain – Middle East (Materials- Advanced Architecture – Generative Laboratory) as a part of Maksoud Architectural Group, Authorized training center of McNeel in Middle East through its affiliate offices, was pleased to announce the official Art, design and Fabrication Workshop “Pin Your Project 2015”
In the intensive 5 days full time Workshop; we focused exclusively on introducing Morphogenesis, evolving art and architecture, Pattern finding and optimizing complex geometry with parametric design tools “3DSMAX Script) in conjunction with economic efficiency, environmental impact.
Participants experimented with computer design techniques, strategies, understanding of all stages from design to manufacturing. 
During the processes of the workshop, the participants started the experiments with 3dsmax script to generate pins of cubes from artistic photos, after they started to explore the capacity of the Arabic calligraphy to creat the artistic photo first and then to generate the pins from the Arabic calligraphy photo.

At the workshop participants investigated spatial features of Arabic calligraphy and how to use it as input at the script inorder to generate the output “complex geometrical pins of cubes” where they supported it after by gradient cross-sections. 
Challenged by the time of the workshop (5 intensive days) and the complexity of geometrical dependencies occurring in pins structures for the final real scale installation, real-life issues like project budget and team work and the advantage of using advanced parametric design strategies are tackled.
Pin cell geometry is then converted into a real by contouring the final project 3.5*3 meters into sections and then to cut the pins (more than 13500 piece of cube) and build each section from it from the selected material (stereo pore) and assemble 101 sections over each other again in real scale.

AIU ”Arab International University”
McNeel Europe and Middle East (Barcelona – Spain)

Workshop instructor and Director
Prof. Aref Maksoud "Escola Superior De’Arquitectura,EsArq_UiC Universitat Internacional de Cataluña".
MAGLAB Director, Authorized Training Center of McNeel (Robert McNeel & Associates– United States) in Middle East,
Professor of architecture, College of architecture, fine arts and design
AIU "Arab International University", Syria
Visitor professor of Biodigital Master and PHD program, EsArq - UiC (Universitat Internacional de Catalunya), Spain
Studies manager at MAG "Maksoud Architectural Group" 
Workshop Team/ MAGLAB:
Main Tutor and Professor assistant: 
Arch Elizabeth Kachichyan / MAGLAB– Architecture faculty / AIU (Arab International University) 

-Media partner 
Ibdaat Magazine


1. Rima Alkhatib
2. Yara Abo Aasi
3. Mouaz Obeid
4. Salam Wardeh
5. Amer Obeid
6. Yasser Alrifai
7. M. Baraa Sharit
8. Nouha Hnawi
9. Amr Almoaz
10. Ranim Bikdash
11. M. Nazeer Alnzzal
12. Yasser Alftih
13. Roua Alashkar
14. Ghina Aljashaamy
15. Ahmad Hilal
16. George Saadeh
17. M. Ali Amer Aldalati
18. Moaz Alattar
19. Bilal Alsabbagh
20. Abd Allah Samo
21. Nidal Dawleh
22. Osama Alziab


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