Arab International University/AIU


Arab International University Company

Damascus ,syria

Description of project:


The Arab International University is situated on the Damascus – Daraa highway, 37Km away from Damascus.

The following faculties are included: Pharmacy, Informatics, Business Management, Architecture, Fine Arts, Civil Engineering, and Archaeology. It also includes a university dormitory, restaurant – cafeteria, internet and email services, library and research halls, and a medical clinic.

The AIU was designed as a contemporary re-interpretation of traditional elements of Arab vernacular architecture, providing at the same time new and imaginative solutions for the transforming social and cultural landscape of the village on the brink of urbanization.

The conceptual idea emerged by drawing inspiration from local traditional aspects of the Arabian architecture which, is rich in ornamental patterns and textile with playing in materials colors that are strikingly noticeable throughout the houses of old city of Damascus.

In order to attract the students of Europe as well as Arabian, the school`s objective was to build an icon project related to the local traditional aspects with all the modern techniques. Indeed of an innovative program. In order for students and executives to interact, one of the primary goals was to create human and inviting spaces that will make both of them feel at home. Trying to create new architectural language between both.

As well as the university’s need to create a symbol. The gate of the entrance to the building is a letters of the AIU welcoming the visitors and Covered by a glass walls in guards rooms.

The patios will allow natural light into the different spaces.

The formal development of the shape gained a certain type of sculptural sensibility in tune with the programmatic requirements leading to the formation of dynamic courtyards and patios which inspired from the old and local architecture in old city of Damascus, as well as create a very comfortable working environment, this concept of series of green courtyards and patios accessed through passageways links back to the courtyard layout systems observed in old houses of Damascus leading.


Arab International University Company


Building Area: 711.000 m2

Building Site: 70.000 m2

Team: MAG