Full Name: Geoffrey Lippitt

Spcialization: Senior Project Manager

Geoffrey Lippitt Senior Project Manager.

Qualified as a Quantity Surveyor via the Institute of Builders in 1974 and has worked on various projects in the United Kingdom.

He now concentrates on Project Management and Dispute Resolution and was involved for 44 years on the Arbitration preparation and proceedings on the Copenhagen Metro.

Came to Syria in 2008 to work on the Sayeda Zeinab Shrine Development as Senior Project Manager working in conjunction with MAGS Syrian Managers.

Having had considerable experience over the last 30 years of all aspects of Quantity Surveying both civil works and traditional construction, Claims Preparation, Project Management, Litigation, Arbitration and Adjudication in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, well qualified to deal with any eventuality. Familiar with most computer software packages and have been using computers for some 19 years.