Full Name: Loay Rabbat

Spcialization: General and Project Management

Loay has a degree in Electronic Engineering from Detroit University gained in 1985 and has had 18 years experience of general and project management.

Joined MAG in 2008 and is currently managing a large construction project in Lattakia and is responsible for the co-ordination of all operations on site and off site including all document reviews as required by the employer and for preparing and submitting all written reports in the English language.

Skills:                          Excellent experience, in the fields of management,                

                                   ability to  adapt with all business environments.

                                   A professional, with strategic forward thinking,

                                   high growth mentality and strong people 

                                   management capabilities. Analytical, aggressive,

                                   creative with exceptional communication

                                   skills. Ability to identify investment opportunities,         

                                   enhance revenue and increase efficiency.