Biodigital-Genetic architecture - International conference
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Biodigital-Genetic architecture - International conference



ESARQ (UIC), Barcelona, 2011, 30th May until 3rd June,


M.Arch.Aref Maksoud (Escola Superior De’Arquitectura,UiC,SPAIN ), founder and principal of MAG LABMaterials-Advanced Architecture-Generative Laboratory”

Was selected by the organizers EsArq-UiC, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona (Spain) to be one of the international selected tutors and lecturers to participate and direct the teaching process at the international conference of Biodigital and Genetic Architecture 2011.

Participation of M.Arch.Aref Maksoud will be as follow:

Monday-Wednesday, 30th May - 1st June

Biodigital Architecture Workshop (Workshop Directors: Alessio Erioli, Aref Maksoud, Alejandro Muiño)

Wednesday, 1st June / Thursday, 2nd June

10:00 h. RESEARCH:

Alessio Erioli, Intensive aesthetics

Diego Cuevas, Fabricating the biodigital

Antonio Vacca, Topological and genetic architecture

11:45 h. Coffee break

12:15 h. RESEARCH & roundtable discussion:

Sergio Hidalgo, Bio-logic and nature’s geometry in architecture

Daniela Frogheri, Digital aggregations and biological knowledge

Julian Ardila, Possible imaginary worlds

14:00 h. Lunch

15:00 h. TEACHING:

Aref Maksoud, Genetic architecture visualization

Lamila Simisic, Architecture of the clash

Alejandro Muiño, Natural process

16:45 h. Coffee break

17:15 h. TEACHING & roundtable discussion:

David Anton, Genobits: Processes’ reactions in architecture of systems

Elif Erdogan, Fusion of computation and genetics in design



Conference Organization:


Genetic Architectures Research Group & Ph.D


Biodigital Architecture Master’s Degree


Genetic Architectures Office, Barcelona



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