MAG LAB at the International Design Competition
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MAG LAB at the International Design Competition

MAG LAB at the International Design Competition

"For Your Shoes" FYS


Madrid (Spain), 20th October, 2011


M.Arch.Aref Maksoud (Escola Superior De’Arquitectura,UiC,SPAIN ), founder and principal of MAG LABMaterials-Advanced Architecture-Generative Laboratory”

Was selected by the organizers the International Design Competition "For Your Shoes" FYS, in Madrid (Spain) to be one of the international selected Jurors to participate in the judgment process of  International Design Competition "For Your Shoes" FYS.


The jury Board consisted of many international architectural firms, internationally recognized designers, architects, artists and researchers.




ControlMad Advanced Design Center (Spain) is pleased to announce and organize the "2011 ControlMad International Design Competition: For Your Shoes".FYS, The competition invited designers, architects and students to investigate new ideas and concepts for an object or system, that could simply store shoes.  



  • Heads of ControlMAD Advanced Design Center _ Madrid, Spain. ControlMAD Advanced Design Center is an advanced architectural and engineering firm which offers CNC cutting and milling technology, and is also a Rhinoceros Authorized Trainer Center.
  • Alessio Erioli _ Co-de-it _ Bologna, ITALY. Engineer and researcher at Università di Bologna, with a PhD and MArch in Biodigital Architecture.
    Co-founder of Co-de-it (The studio is configured as a HUB that means to operate as a catalyzer in the architectural process to trigger and engage (both conceptually and technically) levels of complexity and differentiation as an evolved answer to project instances that range from conceptual design to personalized fabrication).
  • Aref Maksoud _ MAG LAB _ Damasco, SIRIA. Architect with MArch in Biodigital Architecture. He specializes in digital parametric design and the use of Strategies and Digital tools in Architecture. With interest and knowledge in, biomimetic design and digital fabrication technologies.
    Principal of MAG-LAB (Materials-Advanced Architecture-Generative Laboratory).
    Visitor professor of architecture, College of architecture, fine arts and design AIU "Arab International University", Syria.
  • José Daniel Terán _ alfa301 Advanced Architecture _ Quito, Ecuador. ALFA 301 office for architectural, interior and exterior design. Investigates the nature and self-organizing systems to find answers to a new architecture based on digital tools.
  • Ana Sanz _ Las Pacas _ Logroño, SPAIN. Entrepreneur, Professor, Freelance Graphic Designer, multidisciplinary artist and partner in art and business projects.
    Founder of 'Las Pacas', design footwear company, awarded the First Prize at the IV Business Ideas Competition of the Federation of Business and the Economic Development Agency of La Rioja in 2010.




  • First prize: 1500 euros (V.A.T. Included)
    + Free Course to choose at ControlMAD Advanced Design Center for every team member
    + Publication of project and winners in Ibdaat Architectural Magazine.
  • Second prize: 1000 euros (V.A.T. Included)
    + Free Course to choose at ControlMAD Advanced Design Center for every team member + Publication of project and winners in Ibdaat Architectural Magazine.
  • Up to 3 Honorable Mentions: honorable diploma
    + Publication of the mentioned projects and their participants in Ibdaat Architectural Magazine.










36 proposals were received from 13 different countries.

Punctuation: every juror was asked to select the 5 best proposals and give them points as follows:
Best proposal_10 points
Next proposal_6 points
Next proposal_4 points
Next proposal_2 points
Next proposal_1 points

Double rib _10 points
UL _ 6 points
Everything in its right place _ 4 points
C96 _ 2 points
C45 _ 1 point

c95 pin feet _ 10 points
Coral _ 6 points
Shoe tube C-3-2 _ 4 points
C31Foot print _ 2 points
Double Rib _ 1 point

C96 _ 10 points
ShoweBOX C51 _ 6 points
Double RIB _ 4 points
C95 _ 2 points
Shoe spine _ 1 point

C95 _ 10 points
C68 _ 6 points
ShoweBOX C51 _ 4 points
Shoe Housing 104 _ 2 points
Shoe Wave C-4-8 _ 1 point

Double RIB _ 10 points
Shoe Wave C-4-8 _ 6 points
C96 _ 4 points
Shoe spine _ 2 points
Show e box C51 _ 1 point

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