Founder & CEO
Mohsen Maksoud
Mohsen Maksoud

Top Ten graduates Architect from Faculty of Architecture - Damascus University - Syria1980-1985

1990 Founder and General Director of Maksoud Architecture Group “MAG”

Classified by Syrian Engineering Syndicate as Consulting Engineer in Architectural engineering– studies field.


Professional memberships

Member of the Syrian Engineering Syndicate since1986.


Summary of qualifications

  • 1985-1987                Several projects' studies for the Scientific Research Center.
  • 1987-1990                Project supervision for many Military Housing Establishment projects. 
  • 2002- Present            Founder and chief in editor of architectural magazine ”Ebdaat''


Academic experience

  • 2007-Present, Chairman of Arabian International University, Damascus-Syria
  • 1990-present, newly Architects graduates' profession trainer.


Symposiums-exhibition and lectures

  • The Middle East Architecture Conference and Exposition 2005 Kuwait.
  • Organizer of First Architecture festival in Syria and Director of the symposiums.
  • Construction in Syria: Obstacles and Methods of Development
  • Opening ceremony for the issuance of the first edition of architectural innovations magazine    
  • Damascus governorate “Fairs Ground” workshop



  • Pioneer of publishing the first Architectural Magazine (Architectural Creations) in Syria/2003
  • Fernando De Aranda book
  • Architectural Criticism and journalism book “Aga Khan”
  • “1000xlandscape” book by German Group (Archicult - Breunig Architects – Stuttgart, Germany)


Awards and Prizes

  • Architectural Criticism and journalism
  • Construction in Syria: Obstacles and Methods of Development
  • Defense Ministry appreciation diploma
  • Construction in Syria Conference



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