2003-06-06 Architecture



MAG in addition to its regular architectural and engineering activities has a distinguished role in Circulating the latest science advancements in architectural designs and engineering techniques in the construction industry, through its publication “IBDAAT” magazine. 

Established in 2003, EBDAAT is considered one of the few magazines in the Middle East area That focuses on Architectural, Arts & construction projects through its four annually published issues. 

IBDAAT   MAGAZINE • Quarterly Architectural magazine (4 issues yearly).
• Established in Syria 2003 licensed under the Syrian prime minister office decree No. 5019.
• Cover topics that interest the architectures and all interested and arts and designs. 
• publishes local & international distinguished architecture, art and interior designs projects. .
• It gives special attentions to publish interviews with the world most famous architectures and artists, and introduce their works to it’s readers .In addition to many articles in the renovation and green environment buildings .
• Our magazine welcomes and publishes the highlighted graduation projects to students of architects and fine arts faculties.
• Contains 140-160 pages.
• Published in Arabic language and includes general brief in English .
• Yearly subscription (4 issues )

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