2007 - 2011
Governorate of Damasus
Syria - Damascus
Building Site
Syria - Damascus
Building Area
2,087,800 m2
MAG Group
Project Description

Eastern Park
Damascus, Syria 2007 – 2011

The site of the project is located on the eastern part of the city in
Damascus, on the Damascus–Homs expanse.

The main concept is to create an eastern get-away for the city of
Damascus through an urban, architectural, technical and environmental
study. With a spirit creating an organization that combines
between the local print and modernism. It also works on creating
green areas and different service units.

This caters to the people residing in the area and also to the residents of Damascus city.
The project is made up of 2 parts.

The first one consists of the leisure, investment and services zones,
including parks areas, specified for children and their games, restaurants,
internet café, courts for different sports, and finally an amusement

The second part - which is considered to be the cultural one - includes
the open air theaters, open air galleries and the zoo.

Owning party: Governorate of Damascus
Building area: 2,087,800 m2
Team: MAG Group, Atelier fuer Architektur und Forschung

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