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Barcelona - Spain
Bioparametrical works
Project Description

Plaza Lesseps, Metamorpho System

UIC - UniversitatInternacional de Catalonia

Barcelona - Spain

Genetic - Biodigital Master Research Work

Morphology: Cellular (canopy) Morphologies

Summary: The research began as an investigation into cellular solids, a trans-material grouping of materials that share certain impressive per formative qualities based on their cellular geometry.

Parametric design process: Surface Generator in Maya and fragment design in rhino and Topsolid. A continuous exercise is structured to define an overall process of parametric design in architecture. This process has two main steps:

Step 1: surface generator, creating a surface (which has a certain affordancy for human activity and can be proliferated and differentiated by the local condition of the geometrically ? defined elements, and fragmentation of the surface by rhino to triangle ? rectangle ? pentagon.

Step 2: segments (component) design (top solid - rhino), among three geometrical different condition of segments. The main purpose of the model is to use the structural property of the surface generated by surface generator as a parameter to define the thickness of a segment which varies on each vertex of the triangle. We perceive this model as a model to translate the conventional design process to the numeric design process within contemporary technology.

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