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Syria - Damascus
Bioparametrical works
Project Description

The conceptual idea emerged by drawing inspiration from local traditional aspects of the Arabian architecture which is rich in ornamental patterns and textile

in additional of playing in materials colors that are strikingly noticeable throughout the houses of old city of Damascus.

The formal development of the shape gained a certain type of sculptural

sensibility in tune with the programmatic requirements leading to the formation of dynamic courtyards and patios which inspired from the old and local architecture in old city of Damascus, As well as create a very comfortable environment, this concept of series of green courtyards and patios accessed through passageways links back to the courtyard layout systems observed in old houses of Damascus leading.

Our landscape here is kind of Deformscape designed as an extension of the green area formed by theexisted trees.

situated within a tightly packed urban neighborhood, this limited spacesculpture garden includes a specific local tree and flowers, and uses this sole arboreal presence to establish a

gravitational grid pattern of grooves that are focused towards the trees and formed zones.  This asserts the valued presence of thecarbon-absorbing trees and green roofs and its green canopy overhead, while still allowing for a maximum of usablesurface area below which is free of other vegetation.

To generate the resulting Design, a 3-dimensional lofted basins are formed around the trees, and its distorted wire-grid is projected onto a2-dimensional surface.

taking into account appearance effects created by perspective views from the inside, the resulting planar surface appears to be sinking around the tree.

Using the proposed Eco factor: light Designed for energy saving lamps

Solar-powered LED lights for multiple use in the park.

The lights rely on the sun energy to power itself during night time.

The PV panels placed on the top of the lamps, charge the batteries during daytime which power up LED during night time, releasing an intense and prolonged lighting in the area.

These wireless lights can be compared to other traditional lighting sources in terms of intensity and shades of colors.

This proposed lighting system is a great way to keep the pathways illuminated all through the night.

The lamps are strong enough to withstand the weight of a vehicle.

These solar lights can be used for driveways & walkways, and they are completely weatherproof.

In order to guarantee high resistance performance to external stresses using less amount of materials; we generated the landscape elements from the main grid of theconcept ,our elements such as benches-basins-water fountains-tables-lights, emerged from our design, providing infinite opportunity of utilizing each object .

and in this case there is no need for using different individual elements and wasting spaces and materials with a multiplicity of different solution.

The complex morphology creates diversified spaces such as :seats with different height (for adults and children)-an horizontal plane useable as a table –inclined surfaces for relax, sport-supplying a variety of functions in order to integrate in every situation and contribute to the redevelopment of different neglected spaces .

structure of these elements used is the same for many functions and maintained fluidity in objects morphology and remarkable ergonomic comfort in the seats. This is also solution for saving a considerable amount of material.

Flowers areas were distributed and located in the cultural zone of the park, allowing the visitor of the park to discover the different species of the local flowers related to our culture, reminding them of old beautiful stories related to some kinds of these flowers such as Damascino jasmine in old Damascus houses .

Flowers zones located in places such as spaces between ramps, Providing  opportunity for people to come so close to the flowers, feel it , smell it but without entering its zone or take it away.

In this case there is no need for using fences or another elements to protect the flowers and isolate it from the people, because its already protected by the emerged design of it’s basins and selected locations.

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