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Is yourclient a doctor!?

Is that mean that his villa should be the same of others?

Why you are asking a special office to design your villa?

Do you need another traditional villa as others?

Are you brave enough?

Express yourself and let your villa be as landmark

Let your villa be part of your work and life.

Villa Morphis a housing estate in which the home is a MORPH of the life and structure space and the boat space.

1. Experiment with the structural elements and skinand generate volumes.

2. Allow natural material to define a LANDSCAPE.

3. Build this landscape as an inhabitable PLATFORM.

4. Measure and build this landscape as 3D TOPOGRAPHY.

5. The geometry is COMPLEXITY = complex with System.

6.Optimize building resources using CADCAM construction processes.

7. Structurallychallenging (no columns inside at all) skin is working as structure

13. Definition of ATMOSPHERES inside the skin.

14. The skin is the structure at same time “eco form”.

15. The skin is reactive and manages the ENERGIES and PRIVACY: the emerging design also takes into account the customer’s privacy requirements, which is how we arrive at the design of an adhesive skin using detailed studies. People’s routes and movements, wind and sun exposure in each season. This is not an abstract design but rather different overlapped diagrams.

CAD CAM Digital Making – Villa Morph

The building system is CAD-CAM: MAG LAB computer-aided design is connected to computer-aided manufacturing as applied by each of the project’s consultants. This process not only permits the construction of things that used to be impossible to build, but also makes everything a means of communicating and managing in conjunction with the suppliers and the engineers involved.

There is just one 3-D model of the project. This model supplies us with all the information we need for each individual discipline. This is a form of direct communication.

The laser-cut pieces are the sketch translated into reality. This production process is still not standardised, and not all the disciplines are connected to the digital equipment, so we have do also invented a way of communicating with every collaborating industrialist, artist and engineer.

The design process for this skin has been developed in many research phases.

- study of the shape – emerging system

- prototype production – digital and physical experiments and fabrications

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